The 6 Marathon Training Principles Behind the Best 16 to 20 Week Plans

marathon training principles

Discover the 6 marathon training principles behind every successful build up. Plus, get a free Personal Strategy Session for your own campaign.


Marathon Motivation: 10 Proven Mental Strategies For Better Times!


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Injury During Marathon Training – Avoid the 7 Big Running Showstoppers!

injury during marathon training

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4 Marathon Training Phases You Need to Schedule for Better Times

marathon training phases

Discover the 4 marathon training phases that will get you fitter, faster without all the monotony. Plus a FREE Marathon Sessions Checklist to get started!


Have An Injury Free Running Technique Before Starting Marathon Training!

injury free running technique

Develop an injury free running technique by making 7 simple tweaks to your current action. Plus a FREE Running Technique Checklist to prevent any relapses!


Marathon Race Day Strategy: 6 Ways to Make Months of Hard Training Count!

marathon race day strategy

This marathon race day strategy ensures you’ll avoid the disasters that waste months of training. Plus a FREE mile-by-mile Marathon Race Tactics Checklist!