Completing Your First Marathon – 4 Training Tactics to Finish in Triumph!

completing your first marathon

Completing your first marathon is an important milestone for any distance runner. These proven training tactics will help you reach the finish line in triumph.


The 6 Marathon Training Principles Behind the Best 16 to 20 Week Plans

marathon training principles

Discover the 6 marathon training principles behind every successful build up. Plus, get a free Personal Strategy Session for your own campaign.


Marathon Motivation: 10 Proven Mental Strategies For Better Times!


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Injury During Marathon Training – Avoid the 7 Big Running Showstoppers!

injury during marathon training

Learn how to avoid injury during marathon training using a simple ‘traffic light’ method. Plus a FREE Foam Roller Exercises Video to aid session recovery!


4 Marathon Training Phases You Need to Schedule for Better Times

marathon training phases

Discover the 4 marathon training phases that will get you fitter, faster without all the monotony. Plus a FREE Marathon Sessions Checklist to get started!


Have An Injury Free Running Technique Before Starting Marathon Training!

injury free running technique

Develop an injury free running technique by making 7 simple tweaks to your current action. Plus a FREE Running Technique Checklist to prevent any relapses!


Marathon Race Day Strategy: 6 Ways to Make Months of Hard Training Count!

marathon race day strategy

This marathon race day strategy ensures you’ll avoid the disasters that waste months of training. Plus a FREE mile-by-mile Marathon Race Tactics Checklist!