Completing Your First Marathon – 4 Training Tactics to Finish in Triumph!

completing your first marathon

Completing your first marathon is an important milestone for any distance runner. These proven training tactics will help you reach the finish line in triumph.


The 6 Marathon Training Principles Behind the Best 16 to 20 Week Plans

marathon training principles

Discover the 6 marathon training principles behind every successful build up. Plus, get a free Personal Strategy Session for your own campaign.


Nutrition Strategies For Athletes – Interview With Tom Bainbridge From Ben Coomber Radio [24]

nutrition strategies for athletes

Nutrition strategies for athletes are vital. Learn how to optimise your nutrition for athletic performance while maintaining excellent overall health.


Nutrition For Athletes – Interview With Tom Bainbridge From Ben Coomber Radio [23]

nutrition for athletes

Proper nutrition for athletes is vital, whether you’re jogging or running harder. Learn how to fuel the body correctly for different exercise intensities.


Recovery For Runners – Acupuncture & Qigong [22]

recovery for runners

Proper recovery for runners is vital. Acupuncture is effective for injury treatment while qigong movements work on posture, breathing and mindfulness.


Running Coaching In The UK – Interview With John White From We Run [21]

running coaching in the uk

Introducing the biggest network providing running coaching in the UK. Discover the services it offers & how personalised coaching can improve your running.


Marathon Schedule Training Made Easy With The Smart Scheduler Tool [20]

marathon schedule training

The Smart Scheduler tool makes it easy to plan & manage your marathon training, so you can stay on course for the success you deserve!


Marathon Mental Strategies To Avoid The Biggest Thinking Traps [19]

marathon mental strategies

Learn 5 more marathon mental strategies to hang in there when the going gets tough. Plus all 10 are packed into a FREE one-page Mental Strategies Checklist!


Are You Ready For The Mind Over Marathon Challenge? [18]

mind over marathon

Be prepared for your mind over marathon challenge with 5 proven mental strategies to unlock your true potential. Plus FREE consultation!


Why Speed Training Makes Marathon Running Seem Much Easier [17]

speed training

Learn why the speed training zone provides a major boost to your marathon prospects. Plus a FREE Consultation to get you into all the right zones!


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