Frequently Asked Questions

I've set out to make the challenge of training for a marathon as simple as possible, but you may still have unanswered questions. In fact, many of the questions clients have asked before working with me are answered below. If you have a question that's not there, be sure to contact me so that you can get the help you need. I welcome your feedback and will share it by adding further FAQs to those below from time to time.

The Marathon Time Breakthrough System

Can't I get all the help I need at my local running club?

How's that working out for you? Are you being sucked into racing too often or doing poorly targeted club sessions? How easy is it to get down to the club when you’re always so busy? Don't get me wrong. There are some great clubs, but most are understandably 'club-centric' in their approach and because their coaches are part-time, they’re rarely completely up-to-speed with the cutting edge methods that work right now. My system is based on proven results that have been fully tested and I discard any fluff that just sounds good in theory.

Can't I just download a free online training plan?

Of course, but the sessions and the way they're organised will be very generic to appeal to a wide audience and you'll most likely find the training itself far too prescriptive and uninspiring. You probably wouldn't wear somebody else's clothes, so I urge you not to follow somebody else's unproven training plan! I teach you to how to personalise your training needs within a flexible framework that can be adjusted to suit current circumstances. Furthermore, I offer a holistic fitness management system based on proven marathon running principles, not just a plan.

Fair enough, but what about working out what to do from books, articles, videos etc.?

Again, this is an option, but there are two big problems with this. Firstly, there's a lot of mediocre, misleading and frankly bad content out there peddled by people posing as experts without any real credibility or proven results. I have the research background and skills to sieve out the gold nuggets from the dirt. Secondly, I have to ask you a question and that's, "how much is your time worth"?, because a lot of content is also irrelevant or simply long-winded, and I'm guessing you'd rather be out there training effectively than painstakingly sifting through info about it. I do all that leg work for you, put it to the test and then package it up into super-accessible formats for you to get the results you want as quickly as possible.

Are you saying then that your approach is more efficient and effective?

Exactly! You may well pick up a few useful tips from a running magazine, try out a new workout at your club or even follow an elite athlete's training plan. This may work to some extent, but it's a haphazard, unproven approach that's not personalised to your needs. I package everything up for you into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that you can customise to get the results you want.

Can you be more specific when you say that information elsewhere is often misleading or irrelevant?

Yes, here's an example. Running magazines do a great job in promoting the sport and are particularly good for beginners. However, I've seen them report that weekly speed sessions are the most effective way to improve your race pace and they've even suggested that harder warm-ups make races easier! This advice is misleading because it isn’t properly contextualised to shorter races, let alone personalised to your needs! With Marathon Time Breakthrough, you know that you're getting succinct but personalised coaching strategies, tactics and tools to guide you to running faster over 26.2 miles, despite your super-busy lifestyle.

Will I still have to use other resources to supplement this training?

No. This is a complete, self-contained system designed to help you achieve your marathon time breakthrough. I follow holistic fitness management principles that extend well beyond running to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Kit is covered, marathon-proofing your body is covered, I also help you master your use of time and adhere to these principles by keeping all content succinct! In addition, I realise that you will want to access the system in different formats depending on circumstances. You therefore get templates videos, audio, infographics and mind maps to work with for the online training and in-person sessions or video calls for the live coaching.

How will I find the time to work through a detailed training plan?

I sympathise with this question and often shudder when I look at the prescriptive plans out there, that have no wriggle room for adjustment when life just happens...

The system I’ve devised is specifically targeted for time-pressed runners like you to take the shortest, fastest, easiest possible path to marathon success. You only get proven strategies and tactics that are actionable and easy to implement with no fluff or fillers.

That said, Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”, so you still have to do the necessary training, but every stride will take you closer to your goal.

What if I need personal support to overcome setbacks and stay on track?

Again, the problem with prescriptive plans is that you don't get the guidance you need to modify them to fit changing circumstances. Also, while club coaching can help, it often involves large groups, and in my experience there's often a bias towards getting valuable points in upcoming races!

The PACE step in Marathon Time Breakthrough has a RESET sequence that guides you through this critical aspect of your training. You learn how to self-coach yourself through any bad patches when you access the Marathon Mastery online training and you benefit from my fully personalised support when you sign up for the Mentor, Makeover or Masterclass options.

Shouldn't you have been a world-class marathon runner to coach me?

You can by all means seek out super-elite runners, but they won't necessarily be great coaches. They may not be able to relate in the same way to more ordinary runners like you and I as we transform ourselves to run extraordinary times!

I use powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and positive psychology tools to coach you through the huge mental challenge of marathon running, and I have expertise in project management and productivity strategies to nail the logistics for you, so you can enjoy running faster times without wasting a single stride!

I 'just' want to break the five hour barrier... will Marathon Time Breakthrough be too advanced for me?

Absolutely not, it will be a godsend for you! To be clear, Marathon Time Breakthrough is not for everyone. If you just want to complete a marathon regardless of time (still a great achievement), or you aren't prepared to train hard, then this system is NOT for you.

If, however, you want to run below a specific time (whatever it is), and are prepared to train for it, you fully deserve this proven blueprint for success!

What if I want to run more than one marathon?

The system is designed to be used repeatedly, and even offers a Runner's Advanced Needs (RAN) evaluation to help you decide how to approach your next big challenge.

You also learn the valuable skill of self-coaching which will serve you well in the long term.

What if I invest in the system and then get injured?

Firstly, a major theme in both the FAST START and STOP sequences is marathon-proofing your body to greatly reduce the risk of this happening. Secondly, if you are unlucky enough to pick up an injury, the system is evergreen and can still be used later once you've recovered.

That said, although I don't think you will need it, if all else fails, you also get a risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee on any purchase you make. I stand by the power of this system to get you the marathon success you deserve, so if it's not right for you, I'll gladly refund every penny you invested.

Customer Service and Support

How do I get access to the Marathon Mastery Online Training?

As soon as you sign-up you receive an email with an exclusive link to set up your own, secure private account by choosing a username and password.  This gets you instant access to a beautifully designed membership site containing all the video, audio and resource documents you need to enjoy running faster marathons. It's that simple!

Do I have to log into my home computer each time to access the online training?

No. The system is mobile responsive for tablet and smartphone devices as well as laptops and desktops. This means you can access it whenever you have an internet connection anytime, anywhere, including while you're training.

Will I be overwhelmed by all the online content?

Absolutely not! I have developed the Marathon Time Breakthrough system specifically for busy people like yourself, so you can progress step-by-step at your own pace. I also drip-feed content out so that you can focus on where you need to be within the system without needless distractions.

What additional support do I get from Marathon Mentor?

In a sentence, responsive and flexible support that meets your needs. The video coaching calls are set up using an online appointment booking system to avoid scheduling hassles. The first call is your Personal Strategy Session which I'll use to create your personalised marathon training plan and log. We then have seven fortnightly progress calls and finish with a review call after your marathon. I use advanced screen sharing technology on all these calls to make them an effective and enjoyable interactive experience. You also have the option of receiving unlimited email support.

What's different about Marathon Makeover?

These are tactical sessions designed to transform specific aspects of your marathon training. They help you overcome five of the biggest potential showstoppers over 26.2 miles - Bad technique, poor pace judgement, confusion on how to tackle speed workouts, lack of flexibility and weak or badly aligned core muscles. You're also less likely to lapse back into bad habits because you come away with resources to help you practice what you perfected on the day!

How does Marathon Masterclass help me?

To be truly at the cutting edge, Marathon Masterclass keeps you up to speed with the latest strategies, tactics and tools to sustain your marathon success. Furthermore, by attending these online video calls with several other fellow marathon runners, you enjoy 'community power' as you share valuable experiences and drive each other forward.

Do I have to be UK based to benefit fully from your system?

Not at all. You get instant access to the Marathon Mastery online training wherever you are in the world. For Marathon Mentor and Masterclass, you're invited onto video calls with advanced screen sharing features and you can also opt for unlimited email support. For the Marathon Makeover Running Technique session you also have the option of getting video footage of your action reviewed so you can follow the recommendations  and immediately enjoy running faster!

Will your service and support ever become outdated?

No! I've developed a proven timeless system that will always work well for you. That said, I will upgrade specific content from time to time as new research and developments in the marathon running field come to light.

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