How To Enjoy Running Faster Marathons AND Have The Time For Life!

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The guidance you need to achieve marathon success is somewhere out there...

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Or compete on club nights for just a few precious minutes of coaching support...

But do you have the time to wade through books, magazines and blog posts?

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Then discover later that their expertise is confined to track and field events!

This Is Why The Marathon Time Breakthrough Blueprint Was Created For Runners Looking To Achieve Success Over 26.2 miles

The Entire Blueprint Is Packaged Up For You In The Marathon Mastery Members Area

Quick access to concise and actionable content anytime and anywhere.

Plenty of incentives and encouragement to stay on track for success.

The help you need to get off to a flier and support you through any bad patches.

Updates on latest developments so you're always ahead of the chasing pack!

Your Training Times Will Get Quicker

Practice Races Will Go Well

And You'll Finally Get The Success Over 26.2 Miles You Deserve!



FAST START - 9 Secrets to Securing Success Before You Even Begin Marathon Training! 

In this first 'marathon-proofing' step your personalised plan helps you train on your terms to hit that stretching but achievable goal you've always wanted! You also get kitted out and running properly with reduced risk of injury and a healthy work-life-run balance.

SESSIONS - Train for Your Best Ever Marathon Without Suffering Months of Monotony!

Next, lace up your shoes and learn how to perform the sessions that inevitably lead to marathon success. You'll know the contribution each workout makes to faster marathon running and how to enjoy a varied programme of training without compromising on your overall goal.

STOP - Get the Right Hard-Easy Balance for Sustained (and Guilt-Free) Marathon Success

It's now time to discover the value of proper recovery and the best tactics to ensure you're raring to go again in your next hard workout. You're also encouraged to be smart to avoid being a victim of overtraining and mentally strong to cope with all the challenges you'll face.

RESET - Track and Adjust Your Inevitable Path to Marathon Success with GPS Precision 

You now need to assess how well you're training in key sessions and practice races. By tracking your progress and tweaking your plan as needed, you'll develop priceless self-coaching skills.  This is one of the cornerstones to speedy and sustained marathon success!

PERFORM - Get the Best from Mind and Body to Achieve that Marathon Time Breakthrough!

Finally, in marathon week you discover how to rest your body, recharge your mind and nail your race logistics. Proven marathon tactics ensure you get the best from all your training efforts and your recovery programme restores real momentum to carry into your next big challenge.


PERSONAL STRATEGY SESSION - Sets You on the Fastest Course to Marathon Success!

In this one-to-one consultation with Dr. Dave Bird your Personalised Marathon Plan is created based on your current fitness, availability and training preferences. We also identify and tackle your biggest barriers to getting the marathon success your dedication deserves.

ON-BOARDING SERVICE - Get Maximum Value from Being in Marathon Mastery!

Your welcome video helps you get started, the chat widget gets your questions answered quickly and you get notified about new features. And you can even jump on a quick audio or video call with Dave Bird to get help with any topics you're struggling with.

PERSONALISED SMART SCHEDULER - It Leaves All the Working Out to the Workouts!

Spend just seconds entering a few key details to create your own personalised marathon plan covering the 5 training phases. It also doubles up as a highly effective training log allowing you to quickly track your performances and make any necessary adjustments to ensure success.

FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES - Updates and Fresh Content Keep You Ahead of the Chasing Pack!

Lab 26.2 is your monthly video round-up of new developments, other experts will be adding specialist courses to the evergreen content you already have and Dave Bird will be answering frequently asked questions in live broadcasts to the Marathon Mastery community.

Matt Crocker

"I was trying to get my marathon PB down from 3:20... On the day I ran 2:59! I was encouraged by how comfortable I felt throughout the race. If you're looking to improve your performances all I can say is it's really worked for me!"

Matt Crocker, Engineer
Sandra Rowland

"Dave quickly identified where my technique could be improved, and advocated steps to remedy my gait in order to improve my speed. He's very knowledgeable, and is also very down-to-earth. I'd definitely recommend him."

Sandra Rowland, Retail Worker
Mark Gray

"Dave's personalised system helped me get perspective and know when to prioritise my most important workouts. His advice cut right through all the detail and helped me run two amazing PB marathon times!"

Mark Gray, Accountant

This is the EXACT system I devised and used to finish third place overall in the Edinburgh Marathon despite being 45-years old and running 26.2 miles for only the second time ever!

Since then, I've used it to get similar success stories for my clients... Whether you're unhappy with your race form, you want a new marathon challenge, you feel let down by cookie-cutter prescriptive plans or you're worried about injury, you'll have access to a PROVEN and tested blueprint for achieving sustained success over 26.2 miles...

AND NOW it's all packaged up for you in the beautifully designed and continually evolving Marathon Mastery members area with direct access to me and a community of like-minded runners to encourage you every step of the way!

Dr. Dave Bird

Here's Everything You Get:

  • The PREPARE step gets you off to a FAST START by giving you the tactics and tools you need for a faster finish before your real training begins! $197 Value
  • The PERSPIRE step gets you doing the right SESSIONS the right way, so you move quickly into best ever marathon shape and avoid the training traps. $97 Value
  • The PAMPER step gets you to STOP overtraining, so your fitness surges with each workout and you eagerly anticipate your next session. $47 Value
  • The PACE step allows you to track your progress with GPS precision and RESET your course if necessary to hit your best ever marathon goal! $47 Value
  • The PERFORM step gets the very best from your body, mind and spirit, so you achieve your MARATHON TIME BREAKTHROUGH AND are pumped up for your next big challenge! $97 Value
  • BONUS 1 - Your one-to-one Personal Strategy Session with Dr. Dave Bird helps you create your personalised marathon plan and overcome your biggest training challenges. $147 Value
  • BONUS 2 - Your own On-Boarding Service with Dr. Dave Bird keeps you moving quickly through this proven system for marathon success. $47/Month Value
  • BONUS 3 - Your Personalised Smart Scheduler helps you tailor your plans to meet your ambitions, then track and tweak your progress to stay on course for marathon success! $97 Value
  • BONUS 4 - Free Lifetime Upgrades including Lab 26.2 innovations, specialist courses and Q&A broadcasts, so you're always ahead of the pack! $47/Month Value

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