Nutrition Strategies For Athletes – Interview With Tom Bainbridge From Ben Coomber Radio [24]

nutrition strategies for athletes

Nutrition Strategies for Athletes

Nutrition strategies for athletes are vital. Learn how to optimise your nutrition for athletic performance while maintaining excellent overall health.

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Nutrition Advice

This is part 2 of our interview with Tom Bainbridge. Check out part 1 if you haven’t watched it.

Tom is co-host on the fantastic Ben Coomber Radio show which went from being a university student hobby to being the number one health and fitness podcast!

Tom and Body Type Nutrition also teach a great nutrition course, so if you’d like to learn more from them be sure to check out their website for more info.

Here’s an outline of the topics we discussed:

Nutrition Physiology

  • Factors determining your muscle fibre composition and how it affects your training.
  • Implications of using animal fats for fuel compared to plant-based fats.
  • Changes in body composition and physiology when you become a fat-adapted athlete
  • The influence of your diet on your lactate threshold
  • Different types of carbohydrates and their impacts on athletic performance and general health.

Nutrition for Health

  • Why endurance athletes can be prone to illness if they don’t eat properly.
  • Foundation diets and additional energy requirements for exercise.

Nutrition for Performance

  • The case for easily absorbed carbs.
  • The right way to incorporate shakes into your diet.
  • How you know you’re using the right fuels at the right time.
  • The best ways to incorporate ‘Train Low, Compete High’ strategies.
  • The 4 biggest takeaways to eat well and become a stronger athlete.

Podcast Episode Time Stamps

As this interview runs for more than 20 minutes, here are the time stamps for each of the questions we asked:

0.34 Can muscle fibre composition change with training?

8.00 Are there performance differences between using animal fats and plant-based fats for fuel?

9.31 Is there a change in body composition of fat-adapted athletes?

15.30 What about the different qualities of carbohydrate?

20.55 Should you replace a healthy breakfast with meal replacement shakes?

25.30 What is metabolic flexibility and how does it help athletes?

27.45 What takeaways do you have on nutrition strategies for athletes?

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