Recovery Zone Running – Every Marathon Training Schedule Needs It! [14]

recovery zone running

Recovery Zone Running

Discover how to get the best results from recovery zone running in what we call the Easy Zone.

If you learn to respect this zone, you will have more marathon success over a longer time period.

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Mark: A little bit earlier you mentioned zones and I’m sure you’re going to want to know more about the zones that Dave mentions

What are they and how are they useful?

Marathon Training Zones

Dave: Yes so we’ve got four main marathon training zones.

And the reason these zones are helpful is they help to define the purpose of any workout that you’re doing.

And I know we’ve touched on this in earlier episodes but it’s so important it’s worth repeating

What this does is it stops you straying from the type of session you should be doing…

Usually to run faster because that’s what people often do if they see something like 30 minutes on their Schedule!

They think… “Right 30 minutes…”

“Let’s cane this one!”

And that’s wrong if it’s a recovery session.

And then when you do get to a hard session, you can’t really match that pace.

And so instead of having these vivid coloured zones…

Everything washes out and turns grey!

Mark: Right

Dave: So that’s why we’re now going to go into what these four zones are so that people can be clear which zone they should be in.

Marathon Training Recovery

Mark: Let’s dive into the first of the zones then.

Dave: So the first zone…

And I keep these terms very simple…

It’s called the Easy Zone.

Mark: Well that’s a nice easy one to start with!

Dave: You’re able to gossip!

That is what I was talking about in terms of the intensity.

And if you’re in this zone you’ll know that you’re either preparing for something harder

Or you’re recovering from something you’ve done. ..

That was fairly hard.

So to make that less cryptic…

Recovery Running Workouts

You’re talking here about any kind of warm up or warm down, a recovery run on the day after a very hard session or practice race…

And even recovery periods on your scheduled workouts during repeat-based sessions.

Mark: Right

Recovery Run Benefits

Dave: There are benefits in terms of blood flow to the working muscles to bring in nutrients and oxygen and to take away waste products.

It promotes that kind of flow and also elevates your body temperature to make you more ready to train hard…

And conversely in recovery it cools the body so you’re able to recover properly after that session.

And then in terms of the body it provides the conditioning that allows the body to slowly either recover…

Or develop over a longer period of time to the demands of marathon training.

Mark: Excellent

Dave: And then there’s one final aspect.

There’s always the psychology of either focusing on the challenge in hand in the preparation.

I always used the warm up to get really focussed.

Mark: Right

Dave: And then likewise when the session is done it allows you to savour what you’ve achieved!

Mark: So from all of those different criteria what are the main takeaways that we should be looking at?

Dave: The two ways I can think of offhand is to respect it and get off road at least on to grass.

Mark: So basically make the circumstances that you’re running in enjoyable?

Dave: Enjoyable, conducive and tailor-made for recovery.

Please leave any comments below on your experiences with recovery zone running. [/spp-transcript]

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