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The marathon coaching offered here gives you the flexibility to choose a level of support specifically tailored to fit your needs and preferences, so you don't waste a second of your valuable time on boring, fruitless training!

Whatever option you choose, you will always get personalised training tools, with guidance on how to get the very best from them, to help you to enjoy running faster marathons efficiently and effectively!

How To Get Your Marathon Time Breakthough

Select the option that best suits your needs from the tailored set of choices below...

Marathon Mastery Online Training

Imagine having the best marathon running books, running magazine articles, blog posts and even exercise performance studies expertly critiqued for you. Furthermore, it's all condensed down into concise, consumable content following a proven system that you can instantly access anywhere, anytime. You soon find that your training times are getting quicker, your practice races go well and ultimately you enjoy running faster marathons! This is what fellow runners, just like you, have experienced after enrolling in Marathon Mastery.

Marathon Mastery Online Training gives you just the guidance you need, whenever and wherever you want it What makes it so effective is that the content has had all the usual fluff, generalisations and contradictions removed and it's so easy to access in your home, your local cafe, during training... wherever and whenever.

You simply login to a beautifully designed, mobile-responsive membership area that guides you step-by-step through the Marathon Time Breakthrough system at the pace you choose. Each section has its own video and audio lessons, plus mind maps and checklists to ensure that you consume the content effectively and take massive action! Marathon Mastery is specifically designed for busy runners like you, with concise easy-to-consume content that's drip-fed out, so you just get what you need at any given time, without distraction or overwhelm.

You can also say good bye to somebody else's prescriptive plan, as you also get your own personalised and adjustable training template and log that you can use again and again!

You get access to five coaching webinars providing expert answers to all the burning questions you'll have on the way to achieving your marathon time breakthrough!

Oh, and I almost forgot... I've included the short 'Foam Rollover Jackpot' video series, to help you ease the inevitable aches and pains you get from those hard workouts. Look out also for one or two unannounced bonuses once you're on the inside!

Marathon Mentor Individual Coaching

We marathon runners are a pretty self-starting, resilient bunch, yet wouldn't it be great to have your build-up accelerated and made a whole lot easier and less time consuming!

These are your rewards for investing in Marathon Mentor Individual Coaching. You get this support from me throughout your marathon campaign to deal with any potential showstoppers and stay on track for a faster marathon.

I create your personalised training plan for you based on your fitness, availability and preferences and we review progress with fortnightly video calls and unlimited email support.

We both know how challenging running faster over 26.2 miles is, yet Marathon Mentor Individual Coaching makes things as easy as possible by giving you the best live support and advice from me!

You get eight 30-45 minute video calls (Skype, Zoom or FaceTime) arranged for your convenience using an online appointment booking system, and I use the best screen sharing technology to make them super interactive and maximise their value to you without the hassles and expenses of travelling .

The first call is your Personal Strategy Session to assess your fitness needs and preferences, making sure your aspirations fit with your availability to do what's necessary to meet them! I use this to create your Personalised Plan and Log which we review in the six progress calls scheduled during your marathon build up. You also have the option of unlimited email support between calls! The final review call after your marathon will celebrate your success, help you to learn any lessons and consider your next big challenge.

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Marathon Makeover Workshops

In Marathon Makeover, I show you how to run faster with less effort... How good is that?!

I watch you doing one or more of your key sessions and assess your performance in them. We then discuss any weaknesses you have and agree the best way to cut them out for good.

I also make sure you get best practice guidance for each type of session so you can also build on your strengths.

And talking about types of session, notice I used the word 'key' earlier. Rest assured I'm not going to waste your valuable time and hard-earned money by watching you while you cruise through your steady runs or your well-deserved recovery jogs (a timely reminder to make sure you do the latter!).

Your biggest priority should be making sure your body is marathon-proofed for all that time spent on your feet, so we have sessions on running technique, flexibility work and strength training.

The two other themes we cover are how to gauge hard you should be running in different workouts, how to do repeat based work effectively (even experienced runners get this badly wrong) and some great recovery strategies.

Your Marathon Makeover sessions ensure that all that careful preparation for your big 26.2 challenge isn't wasted when you lace up your shoes and start running your campaign. Here are the most popular makeovers I offer, but I will happily customise sessions to meet your specific needs, because Marathon Time Breakthrough truly is a personalised system for getting the success you deserve over 26.2 miles!

The running sessions are coached by me and the flexibility work is taught by Tonia James, Physical Therapist, both in the Worcester, UK area. If location is an issue, however, please call +44(0)7824 661038 or email [email protected] and we can try to meet your needs.

Running Technique - This is the head-to-toe makeover you need to enjoy running faster, with reduced risk of injury, before you even start serious marathon training! After taking you through some dynamic warm up exercises, I assess your technique from all angles and then help you correct your flaws, eliminate wasteful movement and also point out best practice. We then do some important drills to help you maintain your better form and then we finish with dynamic exercises in your warm down. I've also got you covered if getting to the Bristol area is a problem... You simply record some footage of your running action from long run right through to hard repeats pace and I'll assess it and make recommendations for you (you'll get full details after you book). In either case, you also get access to online video and mind map content to help you maintain your improved technique.

Pacing Skills - After taking you through some dynamic warm up exercises, you work through a structured interval session designed to tune you in to the pace zones you need to work in to enjoy running faster marathons. You are also taught how to perform repeat workouts correctly so you can use them to improve your marathon time, rather than accumulate excess lactic acid in your muscles! We finish with dynamic exercises in your warm down. You get access to online video and mind map content to help you maintain your pacing skills.

Flexibility and Core Strength Work - After taking you through some dynamic warm up exercises, Tonia takes you through the key stretches and core exercises to effectively marathon-proof your body and a set of foam roller exercises to help you recover quickly from hard workouts and any minor niggling injuries. You finish with dynamic exercises in your warm down. You get access to online video content to help you maintain your flexibility and core strength.

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Marathon Masterclass Group Coaching

It's tough to sustain success in marathon running, given the huge demands placed on your body, the time pressures involved and the mental challenges of staying motivated and focussed on your goal.

So, how would it feel to be a member of a small group of fellow marathon runners, kept up to speed with the latest cutting edge strategies, tactics and tools, so you can continue to perform well and stay well ahead of your rivals?

How helpful would it be to flag issues that are hindering your progress and have them solved quickly and effectively so you can still hit your marathon goals?

And, how much would you value the shared commitment, accountability and communal support from the group, particularly to get through the tougher phases of each marathon campaign?

When you join the Marathon Masterclass Group Coaching you're invited to a 60-90 minute video call with me each month, along with 3-5 fellow marathon runners to get all these benefits and more without travel hassles and expenses.

Marathon Masterclass Group Coaching brings you all the latest advancements in marathon running in a supportive, communal setting 

I build on the Marathon Mastery Online Training by continuing to do all the extra legwork research for you - Scanning my searchlight over the marathon running landscape, and only selecting the best material to enhance my proven system.

You get easy access to this material prior to each month's video call by simply logging into the Masterclass section of your Marathon Time Breakthrough online members site. We then discuss the key points on the video call itself using the latest screen and document sharing technology.

In the second half of the call, we tackle the issues raised by you and your fellow group members

While you can invest in this option alone and cancel at any time, I highly recommend that you enjoy it along with Marathon Mastery or even Mentor... you then better understand how well the material and issues discussed fit into the Marathon Time Breakthrough system.

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