My Fastest Marathon Time Ever!

This proven coaching system can help you run your fastest marathon time ever! Here are just some of the many success stories. They are great examples of ambitious marathon runners with super-busy lifestyles, who nevertheless were determined to take their performances to an exciting new level!

I helped them remove the physical and mental barriers that were holding them back and taught them how to train smarter to make every stride count. I would love you to be my next success story!

Matt Crocker, Engineer

Laura Croker, Project Manager

Mark Gray, Accountant

Nick Brenchley, Data Analyst

Save all the hard work for your quality sessions!

What makes this system so effective and easy to use?

  • Personalised Marathon Preparation

    Like the slider settings on a mixing desk, your specific personal needs and preferences are finely tuned to optimise your performance.

  • Your Time Is Valued

    You’re super-busy, so all the fluff, repetition and contradiction you get in books and magazines is removed and you only get what you need, when it matters.

  • Proven Marathon Running Principles

    You can prepare and perform with confidence, knowing that every stride is taking you closer to your goal. Everything you do when you work through the system is based on proven marathon running principles, not training fads or magic wand fantasies!

  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere!

    You get instant access to all the coaching advice you need, anytime and anywhere in the most user-friendly format – Training templates before you set out, audio guidance stride-by-stride on your runs and video tutorials, infographics and even mind maps to further accelerate your progress when you get back.

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